David Norris and Marisa Norris

About David Norris and Marisa Norris

David and Marisa Norris, leaders for the Discipleship Training School (DTS) at Port YWAM Kona, both have a heart for discipleship, young people and community engagement. David and Marisa met at Port YWAM Kona. David was overseeing operations and Marisa was running hospitality and housing. While the initial interaction wasn’t love at first sight, David thought she was pretty cute and Marisa thought he was married. God was changing their hearts and after a few months, they had become friends. David had already led discipleship schools and worked on a few YWAM bases before meeting Marisa. Marisa had been in Haiti & Samoa with YWAM before she came back to Kona. Prayerfully consider supporting this dynamic missionary couple with a one-time or monthly donation. For more giving options email marisa_anne@icloud.com Sign-up to here receive their mission updates: http://eepurl.com/fXFhf


The Norris' desire to see lives transformed by the same power that God poured upon their lives. He has given them a hope that outshines the darkest circumstances and a confidence to stand strong against the works of Satan. Their hearts yearn to know God more intimately and through that deep desire He has given them a call to both train, and GO into, the nations.