Joseph Portale and Judith Portale

About Joseph Portale and Judith Portale

Joining YWAM in Europe in 1969, Joe and Judi Portale launched YWAM’s French Ministries in Switzerland, France and French West Africa. Moving to Kona, Hawaii, they worked with the emerging university. Joe and Judi were involved in the initial stages of YWAM’s ministry to refugees in Thailand and on the M/V Anastasis. Joe developed The GO Manual and served as the International Associate Dean of the College /Faculty of Christian Ministries from 1986 to Feb. 2008. They currently serve with UofN in Kona, Hawaii leading the All Nations All Generations DTS.


Joe and Judi Portale are called to prepare the next generation of missionaries for ministry worldwide by teaching them godly principles for innovating in missions. They also mentor key Christian leaders throughout the French-speaking world and beyond.