Jackson Ambe Ndecheck

About Jackson Ambe Ndecheck

Jackson & Anneke Ndecheck started their journey with YWAM in Port Harcourt Nigeria. In 2010 they came to Kona for a period of studies. Jackson pursued his degree at the University of the Nations in Biblical Studies and Community Development. After finishing his studies he continued serving the UofN Kona campus on the leadership of Word by Heart. With their background in Africa they frequently take teams on outreaches to End Bible Poverty Now in Africa. During their time in Kona their 3 lovely children: Hope, REJoyce and Kyndness were born.


We are passionate about the Bible, Discipleship and Transformation through Education. At the University of the Nations, Kona, Inc Jackson trains young people to present 90 minutes of the Gospel word for word by heart in a lively way through the Word by Heart School. This entails the 3 months school that runs throughout the year, seminars and presentations. In addition he runs the African Bible Safari which is about Ending Bible Poverty Now in Africa by 1) evangelism, 2) oral bible recordings into bible-less languages and 3) discipleship Check out our website for more information: www.faith4africa.com