Many are confused. Many are insecure. We believe the only hope for us is Jesus, and finding who we are in Him as we get to know our God in His trinity. Our vision is to raise men and women of God who know Him and choose to live a holy, humble and hidden life in Christ without compromise in the nations.

Pneuma Springs DTS

What we are about

Many people, young and old, struggle more and more to find their identity and purpose of life as days go more insecure and chaotic. We believe the only hope for humankind is in Jesus, and finding who we are in Him as we get to know our God in his trinity. Pneuma Springs (Spring of the Holy Spirit) DTS is a place where you can encounter God through His word and the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, our vision is to raise men and women of God who will not compromise but choose to live a holy, humble and hidden life as righteous people of God in this time.
This DTS is a bilingual (English and Korean) school for all adult age groups and nationalities, designed to help students grow in the true knowledge of God, experience Him through the word and the Holy Spirit, learn to embrace and love different age groups and nationalities, and to be equipped to witness what we have experienced throughout the world.
Our focus for outreach/field assignment will change every year, but in 2018, one of our main focus will be for Korean peninsula and the surrounding regions. We believe that this time is a time for restoration and God’s breakthrough for that region of the world and the main emphasis for our field assignment will be for that region this coming year. We will be working together with NEA DTS closely for the work related to that region this year.

DTS Curriculum

Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a Christian training program where the students learn to know God personally and make Him known. Through the lectures in the lecture phase, students are not just given the information about different topics related to knowing God, but are lead to meet the living God in who He is, to examine their own hearts and where they are at, and to have God abide in their personal lives through different disciplines, and are encouraged to make choices to have God become the Lord of their lives. And then they go on to outreach to a different part of the world to witness about Jesus and to love the people of that nation. The whole training period is divided into three phases: Lecture phase, Field assignment phase and Debrief phase.

Lecture Phase

This phase is for about 12 weeks. During this phase, different speakers who live out the word come and teach topics such as meditating on God’s word, hearing the voice of God, walking with the Holy Spirit, prayer, biblical worldview, dealing with inner issues (plumbline), world missions and evangelism, etc. There will be classes every morning until lunch time and occasionally more in the evenings. There will be other practical mandatory mentoring system and academic work to help students process and implement the lectures.
DTS students reside in dormitory-style facilities during Lecture Phase and are required to live in YWAM housing.
Students are also required to do daily practical work duties to serve the campus community which might include serving meals, building cleaning or lawn care, to name a few.

Field Assignment

After lecture phase, there will be a field assignment (outreach) that is required to complete the DTS program. During this 8 week outreach, students form teams that will go to different nations of the world. Some of the nations that teams will go to in 2018 are Korea and the surrounding nations. This is the time when students will get to taste missions by working closely with the local Christian workers in order to reach the lost in that region, effectively pray and actively love. This will be a chance for students to put into practice all that they have learned in lecture phase.

Schooling for Children of DTS students

Schooling is also available for the children of DTS students. The University of the Nations campus is home to the Foundation School, which has classes for students of 4-17 years of age. This program serves as a Discipleship Training School for a younger audience. Students learn about God and attend field trips designed to help children gain an appreciation of nature and its Creator. The Foundation School focuses mainly on the spiritual life of a child, but its teachers are trained to help students improve in traditional academic topics as well. A Korean-language Foundations School is also available on campus.

Who can join us in Pneuma Springs DTS?

People of any age (graduate of high school or above 18), any nationality that want to know God more and grow to be a disciple of Jesus can join us. We are a bilingual school and so all the lectures will be translated into either Korean or English(if the lecture is in Korean).


We, in Pneuma Springs DTS, focus on
– ENCOUNTERING God through His word and the Holy Spirit.
– Learning God’s perspective for my life and becoming His disciple
– Actively being Jesus’ witnesses in my life and in the nations

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Choose School Period

School Information


Lecture: Jan 4th – March 28th, 2018

Outreach: March 29th – June 12th (including 40 days of worship and debriefing in Korea)


Lecture: $3995

Outreach: TBA


English / Korean


Any children under 4 must have a nanny, those 4 and up can attend Foundation School.  Please confirm child’s admission to Foundation School.


The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is YWAM’s six month entry level course, embodying YWAM’s mission to know God and make Him known. DTS provides an environment for students to personally encounter Jesus Christ, learn to hear God’s voice, and respond with joy!

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DTS Teaching Topics

Hearing God’s Voice

The Father heart of God

Identity in Christ

The Cross

How to study and communicate God’s Word effectively

The Nature and Character of God

Biblical worldview

Intercession and spiritual warfare

The Holy Spirit


Cross-cultural ministry


At the completion of the classroom phase, students have the opportunity to ‘make God known’ in the outreach phase. The Gospel comes alive as students step out in faith to preach the good news, baptize new believers and heal the sick (Mark 16:15-18). Outreach is an exhilarating time of risk and adventure, as teams serve with local believers: transforming lives and impacting society with the love of Jesus Christ.

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Peter and Haejoung Yang

Peter and Heajoung Yang are diaspora Koreans. They have two daughters that are in college and
currently are working at YWAM-Pneuma Springs, in Monroe, WA, USA. They have passion to know God
more deeply and make God be God in people’s lives. They are open to love and work with all age groups
and all ethnic groups.
Peter and Heajoung have co-lead and lead NEA DTS in Kona in 2012 and 2014. This time, they will lead
Pneuma Springs DTS in 2018 in Kona. They worked in China for many years before they returned to
work at Pneuma Springs in 2017. They have a desire to mobilize diaspora people from all nations for the
glory of God.