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Dive into a time of transformational discipleship that is reflective in a lifestyle of personal intimacy with Jesus and Co-Creating with God. During this DTS there is an intentional engagement in the Bible and co-creating with God to have a practical application during the outreach in Cameroon. With all he focus tracks this creates a huge platform for evangelism and discipleship as we desire to see the Kingdom of God established in the continent of Africa.

Our Focus

  1. Arts – using your gifts in dance, music, theater, fine arts etc to create presentations for outreach.

  2. Sports – using your passion and gifts in sports creating events to reach out in Cameroon.

  3. Evangelism/Preaching – the artistic presentations will be paired with those who would love to learn to preach and share their story to the masses.

  4. UniSkript – An incredible tool that was co-created with God by others, helps to increase literacy and in this track you will learn to train others in Cameroon.

  5. Children – Word Alive already has a few “Juniors” and during this track you will learn to develop kids programs and outreach activities for during this time in Cameroon.

Choose Program Period



Lecture: $3995

Outreach: $5000-$6000


English & French


Arrival Day: April 4, 2019
Lecture Ends: June 15, 2019
Departure Day: September 7, 2019


Must be 18 years old on Arrival Day

Any children under 4 must have a nanny, those 4 and up can attend Foundation School.  Please confirm child’s admission to Foundation School.

Arts Track

The focus of the arts track will be to explore and co-create with God artistic presentations for the masses which can be presented during the Outreach phase. All artistic materials will be original as created by Word Alive staff and students.

Sports Track

During the DTS those passionate for sports will explore together how to reach professional athletes as well as sports enthusiasts in Cameroon. They will work on skills, training programs and outreach ideas.


UniSkript is a tool that was co-created by YWAMers and God that has it’s unique alphabet and can teach people to read (the Bible) in a rapid pace. Students of this track will be learning to train trainers in Cameroon. This will be used as a tool to eradicate Bible illiteracy either by the students on outreach and then by those within the Body of Christ in Cameroon.

Word Alive Juniors Track

Do you love children, or are you bringing any? Both for those who enjoy setting up children’s programs and for the younger ones among us we want to create programs for outreach so we can engage the whole family. This track will be a mixture of planning and co-creating materials for the children as well as trying it out with them. So Much Fun!



Cameroon is a bi-lingual English/French country with 250 ethnic groups (and tribal languages!).
Our school leader Jackson is from Cameroon and has taken several teams there to serve in different areas. Whether it be Training and Equipping Pastors and Church Leaders, providing medical and clean water solutions or showing the Jesus Film, there are many opportunities to bless this nation and see the Kingdom of God established in Cameroon.
With the Word Alive DTS we will use all the practical training during the track times to develop programs for outreach.


Hearing God’s Voice
The Father heart of God
Identity in Christ
The Cross
How to study and communicate God’s Word effectively
The Nature and Character of God
Biblical worldview
Intercession and spiritual warfare
The Holy Spirit
Cross-cultural ministry

2018 Spring Course Leaders

Jackson Ambe Ndecheck

JACKSON AMBE NDECHECK Originally from Cameroon, joined YWAM in Port Harcourt Nigeria since 2002. After serving there for 8 years he came to Kona in 2010 to complete his University of the Nations Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies and pursue his Masters in Community Development.

His love and passion for the Word of God led him to do the first Word by Heart school at YWAM Kona in 2013. Since then he has been part of the Word by Heart family, running schools, seminars and doing Gospel presentations. In 2017 God gave the vision for Word Alive and in April 2018 staff have been in training with this method of co-creating with God and they have gone on outreach to Ohio where they ministered in prisons, churches, theaters and at community events.

Jackson is married to Anneke (from the Netherlands) and they have 4 lovely children Hope, REJoyce, Kyndness and WARRIOR who are also a part of the Word Alive family as the “Word Alive Juniors.”

Walter & Chris Martens

Walter and Chris have been married for 36 years. Walter’s passions include worship, music, and song writing and he has his own carpentry business. Chris loves writing and directing dramas. Both love missions, acting, camping and generally having fun and laughing. Their home is Canada where their 3 daughters and their families live. They have been active with YWAM for the last two years.


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