Wanda Madden

October 29, 2017


During our Crossroads in 1990 Mark Virkler gave us some insights into how God uses dreams. I wrestled with questions about why God uses imagery in dreams and how to get His interpretations ever since. Occasionally I’d have a vivid dream and remarkably be able to remember it. Even more remarkably, despite it’s very symbolic nature, I’d get a clear interpretation. Once it even led to a business decision that saved us a lot of money.


And yet many of my questions about dreams have gone unanswered until this year when I read Dr. Charity Virkler Kayembe’s book and listened to her DVDs on dream interpretation. Since then I’ve recorded over 200 dreams and God has given me interpretations of all of them! Often God uses them to give me insights about up coming issues or helps me solve problems with which my heart is struggling.


Most importantly, though, He has drawn me into a deeper walk with Him through dreams. It’s very unusual that I don’t get a dream at night and often I receive multiple dreams. I go to sleep at night looking forward to what He wants to show me and wake up excited to see what the meaning of the dreams are.


We’re super blessed to have Charity joining her father this coming year January 15-19. If you can make it please feel welcome to set in on the sessions. If not I highly commend purchasing both the book and DVD series. Lord willing, they will change your walk with Him. I will offer this one caveat. It will take some work. Like every new blessing The Lord offers us we have to be willing to put in some effort. Pray about it and if you feel like it’s God’s timing for you go for it! You will never be the same!!

You can purchase her materials at:

Resources by Charity Kayembe: EFT for Christians and Hearing God Through Your Dreams – Understanding the Language God Speaks at Night