Wanda Madden

December 3, 2017

The Crossroads outreach to Bad Blankenburg Germany was THE MOST poignant example of a community being transformed I have ever seen. It unfolded like a stage play as we were there that could only have been written by a Sovereign Hand.


Scene One: This East German town is occupied by a large number of communists who wish for the good old days before the wall came down. To many of their chagrin there has been a large influx of refugees over the past year and they don’t know what to do with them. As the local YWAM base has provided much needed help the community has looked on and wondered who these YWAMers are and why they are helping.


Scene Two: Bad Blankenburg celebrates its 500th anniversary and the whole town turns out. During the event the YWAM base hosted Island Breeze, a YWAM entertainment group that does luaus in Hawaii. After their moving performance the mayor stood up in front of the town and said that these YWAMers are doing a great work in our community and we need to get behind them. At that point the base leader, Suse Chmell, invited them all to a luau the next weekend on the base.


Scene Three: Not knowing whether to expect 100 people or 500 the Crossroaders and staff of the base prepare all week long. 800 people showed up! They were fed and entertained; MANY of them asking for prayer. Those who had wondered about the base said now that they saw what was going on they would like to come back.

Conclusion: What had been an enigma to the community in a matter of a week has been recognized as a blessing of God’s love and His Kingdom has advanced.