About This Ministry

PhotogenX seeks to use visual arts and media to touch lives, to communicate God’s heart, and to motivate people to action. Being the forerunners, we go into the difficult and dark places of the world to uncover hope and beauty. Our desire is to call forth potential and cultivate change. We endeavor to train, equip, and release others to go into every region of the world, using their own gifts of creativity for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission.



PhotogenX started when a German photographer received a calling from God to become a missionary. “But can I do missionary work with a camera?” Susi Childers asked. Every missions organization she applied to all asked for medical, construction, education, bible school degrees, etc. But her profession was in photography. These closed doors allowed God to guide her towards an opened one she would have never expected…

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Staff Opportunities

DTS Staff/Trainers

Photographers, Videographers

Website Designer/Manager

Social Media/Campaign Director/Administrator

Ministry Activities

Come join us to disciple the nations! We welcome all who share the same passion with us. With the different giftings we have, we can operate in a greater scale to make the gospel known to the world.

If you already have the passion and the skills, do a PhotogenX DTS to get the DNA of who we are and to understand our calling as a ministry. If you just started in your journey with photography, do the DTS and then join the School of Photographic Communications so we can train you to be a media missionary. If you’ve already done a DTS and have the skills, contact us directly and come join us in our ministry.

Our activities include:

Creating visual media projects and campaigns to share the message on God’s heart.

Inspiring people to respond to God’s call in these different projects.

Helping other ministries communicate their vision and purpose through visual media.

Running training programs like PhotogenX Discipleship Training School and The School of Photographic Communication.

If you are called to be a media missionary, then this is the right place for you.

Susi Childers

Susi Childers is the founder of Photogenx/”Voice for the Voiceless”, a photographer by profession. After a successful career, she felt called to devote her life to be a voice for the voiceless. With this calling, she has traveled to over 70 countries in all 5 continents. Through her photography, she captures the need as well as the humanity of the voiceless. She uses these images and stories to build a bridge to serve the poor, needy and oppressed. Through this Susi has been instrumental in establishing long-term projects in Ethiopia, Swaziland, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Brazil, and others. Her work has been published in numerous fine art photo publications. She is a popular speaker who travels globally. Susi is married to Paul Childers and has 3 children (Levi, Elisa and Gabrielle-Joy). She currently resides with her family in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, serving and teaching at YWAM since 1997.

Phone: +1 (808) 990-7921

Email: info@photogenx.org

Philip and Lily Lin

Philip and Lily Lin are the leaders of the PhotogenX Ministry. Lily is the creative photographer who carries the passion and the skill to capture people’s beauty and portray them with dignity. She traveled with a group of friends to 30 different countries within 18 months to discover and document the gems in the cultures and people groups. They published the photo book, Broken – A Call To Restore The House Of Humanity, to restore value to broken families around the world. Philip is the creative strategist who makes creative dreams into influential projects. With his passion in biblical discipleship, he empowers the potential through the gospel of Jesus. Together they led multiple PhotogenX Discipleship Training Schools and now help lead the ministry with Susi Childers, the founder.  


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