We Love Because He First Loved…

We Love Because He First Loved Us.  ⋅  13/04/18

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Bringing the Bible to Remote Peoples

Bringing the Bible to Remote Peoples  ⋅  09/03/18

We are blessed to be able to serve God through the generosity of others who have supported us through donations and supplies to help End Bible Poverty and see the good news of Jesus Christ transform families across the hundreds of islands in the Marshall Islands.
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Journeying With God

Journeying With God  ⋅  05/03/18

I didn’t choose music, it chose me – music makes me come alive.
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God’s Word is Going Farther

God’s Word is Going Farther  ⋅  23/02/18

500 unreached villages in India rapidly accepted the Gospel when missionaries first visited.
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21st Century Evangelism;Back to the Future

21st Century Evangelism;
Back to the Future  ⋅  16/02/18

Our challenge for the future will be how to effectively communicate God’s love to future generations.
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Absence of God

Absence of God  ⋅  09/02/18

Joe came to me one day looking very discouraged. He explained to me that he thought he should break his commitment to serve as a staff member in our Discipleship Training School. When I inquired as to the reason for his departure he explained to me, “I’m just dry. I don’t feel God anymore.” He proceeded to explain that his quiet times were dry, he didn’t get excited during worship…
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Is the Church (or whatever you…

Is the Church (or whatever you call it) uncool?  ⋅  05/02/18

By Danny Lehmann
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YWAM Kona’s DTS Teams Utilize New…

YWAM Kona’s DTS Teams Utilize New Technologies as They Go to the Nations  ⋅  26/01/18

New technology is providing exciting ways to End Bible Poverty
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The Bible - Changing Lives in…

The Bible - Changing Lives in Asia  ⋅  22/01/18

The best way to End Bible Poverty is to give away Bibles!
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Todd white is back at YWAM…

Todd white is back at YWAM Kona  ⋅  13/12/17

Don't miss a special message this Thursday night at YWAM Kona's Ohana Gathering with Todd White.
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Indian man breaks 6 world records…

Indian man breaks 6 world records - including fastest to travel to every nation  ⋅  17/11/17

Look at that passport he's holding! Benny Prasad​ went to every nation on earth and performed with the instrument he invented - the bongo drum. He broke world records while bringing the Good News of Jesus to people in every nation. Today he has a message for youth around the world...
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2017: When media / arts perfection…

2017: When media / arts perfection is not enough  ⋅  17/11/17

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I know a guy in Europe who is one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever met. He spent years…

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When God says, “You’re not going…

When God says, “You’re not going home.”  ⋅  09/11/17

Samuel never thought he would be able to do missions, he never really thought he would be traveling, and helping to lead and equip others in such significant ways. “I’m the guy who usually try to stay behind the scenes,” he says. But over the years God has used him to pioneer various projects in YWAM in other campuses in Brazil, as well as traveling around the world to remote…
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  “The year 2001 was about the worst year in his life,” Samuel says, “I was the only one employed…

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Pourquoi? The 1 Question I Never…

Pourquoi? The 1 Question I Never Asked Before DTS  ⋅  03/11/17

Had I heard wrong? Should I go earlier and stay? Should make two separate trips? Maybe go later or somewhere else? I went back to prayer and got more unexpected directives: “Go anyway and stay till DTS. Start learning French before DTS.” What?! But I didn’t even take French in high school! The DTS won’t even be in French! I’ll only be there for 3 months! How am I even…
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Talking About Trafficking with Morgan Perry

Talking About Trafficking with Morgan Perry  ⋅  24/10/17

Human trafficking is a highly-organized and lucrative business, generating 150 billion USD per year, 99 billion of which is generated by sex trafficking within the prostitution industry...
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Last Thursday night UofN graduate Morgan Perry introduced us to this serious crime and a grave violation of human rights:…

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The Presence of God

The Presence of God  ⋅  20/10/17

It seems as of late a lot of folks have been talking about "The Presence of God" and that we need to be "chasing" God or to be "Presence – centered" or "abiding" in God's Presence. What do we mean by this? Is this a feeling, an experience, sort of a spiritual mist in the air? What is going on when we experience God in a worship meeting for instance,…
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