What are the fees?

Application fee

All applicants must include a nonrefundable fee of US$50 per adult and $10 per Foundation School child applications.

DTS Lecture and Outreach Fees

All Discipleship Training Schools include a three month ‘lecture’ phase and a three month ‘outreach’. Fees for the “Lecture Phase” are due in FULL by Arrival Day. Fees for the “Outreach Phase” vary depending on your outreach location. The first installment for the Outreach Phase fees are generally due no later than Week 4 of DTS and the balance  due by Week 8.

U of N Course Tuition

Tuition is due in FULL by Arrival Day.

Cleaning & Key Deposit:  $60 refundable deposit will also be included on your first invoice, in addition to your course or program fees. This deposit may be returned to you at the end of your program, when your room is cleaned and passes inspection. To get a key, go to your building manager’s room or find their table on arrival day.

Money Order or Check Requirements:  For international students, your check or money order must be drawn on a United States or Canadian bank or an international affiliate of a U.S. bank, in USD funds with U.S. computer coding on the bottom of the check.

Wire Transfers:  Although not recommended, you can pay by wire transfer. This option will most likely include a fee depending on your bank.