Our world is waiting for a hero generation, brave souls, radical thinkers, men and women of action. We believe God is giving you the dreams and courage to lead the future and transform nations. At YWAM Kona, in partnership with the University of the Nations, we are raising up a generation of activists, full of passion and love for Jesus, to bring his truth, power and love to every area of society.


DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING SCHOOL (YWAM-DTS) is a wild adventure. A 5 month program designed to bring you into a community, tangibly experience God’s love, hear his voice, and discover his plans for your life. 

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Crafted to challenge you, the DTS will inspire your love for the Bible, intercession, reaching the lost and servant hearted leadership. Three months of training in Kona, Hawaii followed by a two month international outreach applying all you have learned.

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Encounter God and see his story unfold as you study the Bible under dynamic teachers and within a passionate community. Observe the chronology of biblical events, better understand each book in its historical context, understand the harmony between the books, know why it was written, and grasp the main ideas. While in DBS you will learn the foundational truths of Christianity.

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Is the potential of young children fully awakened in today’s educational environment? Transform their potential by using quality education techniques taught at Early Childhood Education courses. Engage with young children about the nature and character of God while earning credits toward an Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education.

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Foundation in Ed. Practicum

Put into practice what you’ve learned. This unique approach of Christian education uses Scripture as the standard for analyzing educational models and practices. The nature of learning and the variety of learning styles is considered as well as the character development of effective teachers.

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The entire universe was created by the power of God’s words.  Through our thoughts, speech, songs, articles, visuals, websites, films, and all creative expression… we see that God’s Spirit resides in us. Our Creator is still creating today. Together as communicators we can see our world changed by creating with Him.

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HUMANITIES is shaped by the knowledge and application of God’s truth. Discover the power of the Bible to transform nations, God’s plan for each sphere of society, and how the revivals and reformations in history have shaped our world today.

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