Learn by Filmmaking

This first Advanced Documentary Film School is an in-depth course on pre-production and production of documentary. Students will be invited deeper into concepting documentaries, screenwriting, interviewing, research, directing photography, editing, sound capture and lighting in studio and field environments.

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A different road

Most documentary filmmakers learn in theoretical academic environments without professional practice. If they do succeed in becoming documentarians it is usually only after years in menial support roles for films they would not have chosen. It is a hard and lonely road to go alone.

Instead of this, we are recruiting documentary production teams guided by prayer and mentored by christian filmmakers.

Part 1 of 4 part ADFS



April 5 – July 4, 2018


$4,200 (US) for tuition, food & housing. Some developing nationalities can apply for partial scholarships (check here).




Completion of DTS and outreach

Completion of a UofN film or video course

OR filming a documentary or comparable production (TV news reports, commercial TV/video or similar projects)


Co-creating Documentaries
Project Proposals / Application
Scriptwriting I / Research
Sound Capture
Directing Photography I
Directing Photography II
Grip & Lighting
Scriptwriting II & Application
Application of Screenwriting & Research
Editing I
Social Media Campaigns & Crowdfunding

Outreach Film Projects

After completing the ADFS Part 1 you have the opportunity to continue with a team film project outreach:

Lost Kites revisited (Asia & Los Angeles)

Um Norte para a Educação (Brazil)

Gates of Paradise (Hawaii / Washington State)

other film projects…

Duration: 3+ months (varies according to the scope of your team’s chosen film project)

Cost to be announced.

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