“In the beginning was the Word…”  The entire universe was created by the power of God’s words.  Through our thoughts, speech, songs, articles, visuals, websites, films, and all creative expression, we see that God’s Spirit resides in us. Our Creator is still creating today. Together as communicators we can see our world changed by creating with Him.


…is to train effective communicators with a strategic communications skill set for use in missions and life. From the power of the written word to visual storytelling and media rich presentations, you will obtain experience in the core skills and understanding needed to create transformational web, social, audio and video content with cutting edge design.

School Dynamics

Write. Present. Preach. Film. Interview. Record. Photograph. Publish. Share. Serve.

In the School of Communication Foundations, we will…

  • Create with Jesus
  • Practice excellence and wisdom in communication / media skills
  • Learn how God communicates in the Bible and today
  • Empower others to communicate with excellence

Spur each other on to creative excellence and a lifestyle of continual learning

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July 6th – Sept 20th, 2017


Non-Degree: $4,495

AA Degree Track: $3,000




Pre-requisites: YWAM DTS

Course Code: CMC211

U of N Credits: 12

David Hewitt

David is a passionate missionary speaker who graduated from University of the Nations with a degree in Biblical Studies. He and his wife, Mari, lived in Asia for 18 years. They enjoyed good food, wonderful people and God’s great creation. He helped pioneer schools (Discipleship, Bible, Worship & Worldview) in places like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and China. He loves to challenge young people to “Go! Give it a try!” He has written 5 small ebooks on missions, loneliness and how to thrive in international living.

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