Why do a Biblical Study Trip to Israel?

Travel the Text together with DBS International invites you to a Biblical study trip focused on the land and time period of the Biblical cultures. This is not a tour, but an intense Biblical Study Program designed to fully immerse you into the Bible and its world! You will travel with Geoff Carroll who teaches in YWAM’s Discipleship BIBLE School (DBS) to sites that are popular tourist destinations, in addition to many treasures off the beaten path. You will engage the Text through sight, sound, touch, and taste as we explore the riches of this land. Geoff is a passionate teacher with over a decade of experience traveling and studying throughout the land of the Bible. His lessons and experience will bring the world of the Bible and its stories to life, inviting the land and Spirit to be the greatest teachers of all. In the words of Geoff:

“Living in Israel dramatically changed my life and how I look at the Bible, follow Jesus, and love people every day. It is my dream to share this opportunity with as many as possible, while providing the best value and experience available. I do not believe there is any other experience that will change your life and impact the way you approach the Bible as much as this.”

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Our two week study programs are designed for those who dream visiting the land of the Bible, but want a deeper experience than the traditional tour. Each study trip offers a unique curriculum as we study on-site, seeking to engage the land from the perspectives of the original audience.

We believe the Bible, an Eastern book, should be experienced through the perspective of the CULTURE, HISTORY, and GEOGRAPHY of the land in which it was written.

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February 8 – 19, 2019 (12 days / 11 nights)


US $2400 per person (based on double occupancy) for those registering and paying deposit before August 1, 2018. The fee includes UofN processing fee, accommodation, motor coach transportation, breakfast and dinner buffets, 1-2 liters of bottled water daily, teaching and guide fees, all taxes, tips, site entrance fees, and materials including Travel the Text Study Guide, luggage tags, passport holder, and sport bag for carrying daily necessities on site. Does not include airfare, lunches, personal snacks or souvenirs.

Payment deadlines

Deposit due August 1, 2018: US$ 600
First installment due October 7, 2018: US$ 900
Final installment due December 8, 2018: US$ 900

Contact Information


Geoff Carroll - Seminar Host

I have been a student of the Text my entire life but nothing compares to the perspective and insight that study in the land of the Bible allows. It is my passion to share this experience with as many as possible, going above and beyond the traditional tour experience by offering two week Biblical study trips. These trips are specifically designed for serious students of God’s Word who seek to engage the text from the perspectives of the original audience.

As a minister’s son I valued the intense study of scripture from an early age. Pursuing this passion for the study of the Text I graduated from Abilene Christian University (ACU) with a degree in Ministry and went on to receive my Master of Divinity (M. Div.) degree, also from ACU. A highlight of my education was being accepted to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where I lived in Israel for over a year working on a Master’s degree in The Bible and its World. It is an ongoing privilege to study on-site several times each year under some of the worlds top archaeologists, teachers, and religious leaders in the land.