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Our Vision

Be immersed in and transformed by the Word of God for nine months. Get a systematic study of each of the sixty-six books of the Bible. Be a Christian with a fairly in depth overview of the whole Bible. It helps any ministry that seeks to fulfill the Great Commission of discipling the nations.


Take away a balanced view of the Scriptures as a whole and get exposed to the richness of the Word. The School of Biblical Studies teaches the Inductive Approach to Bible study, which gives you tools to continue a lifetime of Bible study. We study all sixty-six books of the Bible during the nine-month school. This enables a panoramic view of the entire Bible in context.

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Sep 27th 2018 – Jun 26th 2019

Outreach: Jun 27th – TBA


Sept 26th 2019 – Jun 24th 2020

Outreach: Jun 25th – TBA


$4140 per quarter for three quarters

Scholarship Available for all CSBS Kona Students who qualify.  Email for more information.




Successful completion of a Discipleship Training School (DTS) and Field Assignment are required for acceptance to the CSBS


Basic hermeneutical principles

How to do a word study

The types of literature used in the Bible

The chronology of events in the Old and New Testaments

Significant historical background

How to use maps, the concordance, Bible Dictionary, interlinear, etc.

How to think epistemologically

How to find answers for themselves.


After completing three quarters of SBS courses, there is an outreach offered.  The location and cost will be determined closer to time of departure.

Jesse Wilson

     My story is simple, yet nothing short of a miracle. Most of my life I was walking that wide and easy path- the one that leads to death. I sat under the council of fools, relishing in my destruction; I twisted and corrupted the beautiful image that was meant to reflect God. Even though I rebelled against my Maker, His love was far too great. In my darkness I met a great light; I went from being blind to given new sight. You see, for while I was a sinner, my wonderful God died for me.

     After 5 years of being with SBS I’ve learned something important: we have a holy God! The more I study the Bible, the more I am in awe of our glorious and magnificent God- blown away that a God so holy would choose to dwell within a broken vessel like me. I’m nothing special and I’ve done nothing great, but the God that dwells within me is someone I’d love you to meet.


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