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Word by Heart English Youth Camp is a program based on YWAM’s Word by Heart school for adults. With God and His Word as the center, we focus on connecting people on a personal level to the power, wisdom, and reality of the Bible. By reading and discovering God through His Word and through the stories of Jesus, we meet our Creator in intimate relationship. We learn about His character and nature. We see that the God of the Bible is the God of today and He is calling us to Himself.


The goal of the Word By Heart English Youth Camp is the same. Participants will have a heart encounter with God and His Word, making Him the center of their lives and His word the guide for their conduct. They will then be equipped to face the world as adults prepared with godly values. Out of the intimate relationship they have developed with the Lord, they will know He is with them at all times even in the midst of suffering, betrayal, deprivation, or pain.



Arrival: 07/28/2918

Departure: 08/08/2018


Application Cost: $20

Lecture Cost: $1400 (Flight tickets are not included). We strongly recommend you to book the flight in advance because July and August is tourist season.




Ages 12-17.


Learning the stories about the book of Mark
Doing activities to develop teamwork ability
Learning different cultures through engaging with different nationalities
Sight seeing and island visiting

Jimmy Chae

Jimmy chae, born in Seoul Korea and raised in New York City. Been involved with YWAM since 1998. Father of 3 lovely kids and a husband of one. Love the Lord and His word; SBS, DBS, WBH and DTS speaker.
Been in Leadership in Kona for the past 4.5 years and leader of July WBH and April Restorers DTS.


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