June 29, 2017

When is School of Dance?

School of Dance is scheduled to run every Fall Quarter at YWAM/UofN Kona.  Currently this is the only YWAM location running School of Dance.


Can I do School of Dance before my DTS?

No, DTS is a prerequisite for all Upper Level UofN Courses like School of Dance.


What’s the Degree Plan for a Degree Track that includes School of Dance? 

Contact: degrees@uofnkona.edu to setup the right plan for you!


Do I have to do a Degree Track to be part of School of Dance?

No, but it’s an great option!

Click here for more: Degree Track Information


During Lecture Phase, what kind of dance will I be doing?

Depending on that week’s Guest Instructor/Choreographer, each week will vary between a focus on Contemporary, Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz, etc.  All dancers will participate in all dance styles throughout this course.  This is not an ALL BALLET course, or an ALL HIPHOP course; it is a variety of performance dance styles (contemporary, hiphop, jazz, ballet, modern, etc).  To develop well rounded dance experience.

However, each week regardless of the Guest Instructor’s classes and rehearsals – there will be 1 Ballet Technique Class, 1 Contemporary/Jazz Technique Class, and 1 HipHop Technique Class per week.


What will my School of Dance weekly schedule look like?

UofN Courses are minimum of a 50-55 hour learning week. Here is a rough breakdown of your hours each week:

– Lecture on Spiritual Topics as they relate to Dance: 9 hours
– Workshopping Dance Topics: 9 hours (Composition/Choreography, Dancer Anatomy, Nutrition, Conditioning, etc.)
– Dance Technique, Rehearsals, & Assignments: 20 hours
– YWAM Essentials: 15 hours


Who are the Guest Instructors going to be?

Keep up-to-date as we book each School of Dance’s Guest Instructors, by staying tuned on our facebook.


Where’s School of Dance outreach?

You will receive outreach location information as the Course gets closer, or even during lecture phase.  Much goes into outreach planning and we want to provide you with the best information possible – even if that means having to wait for it, instead of partial/incorrect information too early.


Can I skip Outreach, and what will outreach look like?

Outreach is a mandatory part of the School of Dance, because as you go through the Lecture/Training Phase you will be learning repertoire for the Outreach Phase.  You will be performing the rep on outreach.  The venue may be anything from a brilliant stage to a raw street corner.   Also, most outreaches allow for teaching opportunities as well!  Teaching dance workshops to kids, youth, or even adults.  As with all YWAM/UofN outreaches putting to practice things you’ve learned during Lecture Phase, and practicing hearing the voice of the Lord will be a key part to outreach!

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