September 26, 2016

“My ministry in the arts became more fulfilling when I attended the Events Management School in Kona, Hawaii, 2012. Hosting to create an avenue for a move of God, creating a platform for artistes was a rich experience of understanding how God, the Chief Events Manager organizes His events. The fact that God is organizing the greatest event ever, for mankind, is amazing!!! Now I see myself on God’s team, networking, marketing, and playing other roles to get His invitations out. Staffing the School of Event Management in Kona Hawaii in 2014 was another faith venture to equip me to pioneer the school in Africa. I encourage you to come play a role on God’s team.” Diana Hopeson (Ghana, West Africa)

“The Sphere of Celebration (Arts, Entertainment & Sports): God’s purposes for the sphere of celebration is to strengthen hope, bring beauty and build community. Ever since the days of Jubal (Genesis 4:21), artists have used their skills to entertain people and speak to the heart issues of their culture. Biblically, these artistic gifts are often linked with the prophetic ministry. When God’s ideas are embedded in story form, the truth resonates with both heart and mind, maximizing their impact. Stories of God’s work in the past produced courage and strength for the present and hope for the future.”

“During this seminar, our students have gained a greater understanding of God’s heart for celebration and unity across the globe. They were challenged to hear the voice of the Lord on what kind of events He would like to see on campus and in the community. Continually, I am amazed to hear the testimonies of people after we do events. People feel heard, valued, loved and are filled with the joy of the Lord. We still have an Easter Passion Play ahead of us before the end of the seminar, which is a great opportunity to share the Gospel in our community.” Excerpt from staff members news letter