Booking Bot

  • Thank you for stewarding the classroom that your course has been allocated for the quarter. The University would like to see the use of its classroom space be maximized. In order to do this, we need a system to accommodate booking requests outside of when your course will be using the room.

    The following form is for your course to identify the REGULAR times your course will be using the assigned classroom space.

    For irregular use - e.g. you need to use the room for a one-off or periodic event (not weekly), you can book the room yourself using the Booking Bot.
  • Course and Space

  • Include Year and Qtr - e.g. 2022 Q2 Restorers DTS or 2022 Q2 School of Worship
  • Contact Person

  • Who is the contact person for your course for classroom reservations? This person must be on Workplace and have the Workplace chat app installed. Please also provide an email address that is the SAME as your Workplace email address.
  • Approval Type

  • Do you want bookings to be automatic or manual?

    Automatic bookings mean that if there is availability, a booking will be accepted without your involvement.

    Manual bookings have to be approved manually. These manual approvals are done on a separate website (desktop only) that we can sign you up as a user for.
  • Your Use of the space

  • Please let us know when the classroom you are stewarding for the quarter will be unavailable. Please only choose the times that you will regularly be using the space. Beyond your regular use of the space, you can of course make bookings yourself for additional times. The start time is when you will start using the space. The end time is when you will stop using the space.