How The Send Launched Me To The Nations

The Year Everything Changed Since I was a kid, I knew the regular 9-5 lifestyle wasn’t for me. I wanted a life of adventure with God—I wanted to travel and make a deep, lasting impact on people’s lives. In 2019, my birthday started with this one line: This year I am launching you to the nations. […]

Top 10 Locations to Visit on the Big Island of Hawai’i

Imagine the view from the window seat of your flight. It’s been blue and more blue for five straight hours—when suddenly mountains appear, covered in rainforest. Distant shorelines, white with foam surround lava-rock cliffs. Then you see it—those little pockets of paradise. Sandy beaches, white and black. Hawai’i isn’t an idea anymore. It’s reality. So, […]

What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed By The Headlines

You’re scrolling, scrolling. You click on the latest headline. You watch that one video your old classmate sent you. You skim your friend’s auntie’s comments. Suddenly the day that was totally fine turns into a swamp of political stew. It takes three hours of TV episodes and a toasted quesadilla to crawl out. This is […]

5 Practical Tips To Fundraise For Your Discipleship Training School

Being a missionary—it sounds wild, crazy, and just what you’ve always wanted. But you scroll down to where it says “fees”—and you stop. Maybe there’s another way. You know, a cheaper option. Or a well-paying, safe option.  But do you want to miss your opportunity to see a miracle? It’s true, answering the call of […]