Missionary Anthem

YWAM Kona Music MISSIONARY ANTHEM by Hannah and Seth Yates Verse For the Lamb has conqueredI will follow Him To the ends of the earthI will follow Him Chorus Jesus, You’re worthyOf every tribe and tongueAll for Your gloryTill every soul is won Bridge The harvest is readyWe have to goWe won’t stopTill the whole world […]

Shannon Casteel — Fear Of The Lord

Teo Hayashi — Cross-Culturalism

Andy Byrd — The Great Commission

Afghanistan Update 11.28.21

Ket’s press in and pray for Afghanistan today!  We are establishing food banks to supply the remaining 200 families for the next 5 months. Pray safety and protection over these 200 families.  Prayer Please be praying for the believers who are currently in jail for their faith, and the ones who have been taken and […]

Aloha Welcome Night

Let the celebrations begin!! We welcomed our January Quarter students to the island & campus with our traditional Aloha Welcome Night!  Hawaii has its own rich history, culture and values so we love to incorporate the island culture of celebration and worship! (2/3)

Beautiful Are the Feet

YWAM Kona Music

The Commission LIVE

YWAM Kona Music

It’s My Joy

Bryce Anderson & YWAM Kona Music Lyrics It’s my joy to lay my life down Cause when I lose my life for Your sake it will be found And everything I give is nothing compared to The surpassing worth of getting to have You It’s my joy to lay my life down Cause when I […]