Loren Cunningham’s Health Update

(Updated on March 23, 2023) Dear family and friends…. Loren is experiencing nothing short of a MIRACLE on a daily basis these days. He is energized and DAILY sharing the vision God has put on his heart to get the Bible orally into every Mother Tongue on earth (PrayOMT.com). If you would see or hear […]

Story To Tell (Live)

YWAM Kona Music STORY TO TELL by YWAM Kona Music & Bryce Anderson Verse: Oh, I’ve got a Savior The only One who really saves When all other lovers They left me in the grave You came to my darkness An explosion of light When I sat there dead inside You brought me back to […]

4 Tips To Know Before You Arrive For Your Discipleship Training School

So, you’ve decided to be a missionary. Whether you think this will be a six-month commitment or a lifetime in the nations, it won’t be easy. Maybe you are worrying about living away from your family or how on earth to pack. Maybe it’s the fact that you’ll have roommates and you don’t think you’ll […]

Beautiful Are the Feet

YWAM Kona Music