Bus Accident in Tanzania

March 8, 2024

We are grateful for your prayers over the last 12 days since the Arusha Tragedy. We have felt your love from around the world, and have seen God’s hand guiding us through this.

We are happy to share that all of those injured in the accident are on their way to recovering. We are grateful for the doctors and hospital staff in Arusha and elsewhere who have given great care to our dear friends. We ask that you continue to pray for the injured as they continue to recover and heal both in the hospital and at home.

We ask that you continue to pray for those injured. Though three Y’ers remain hospitalized and in the care of very capable medical staff, we celebrate that the other five have been discharged and continue to recover and heal at home.

The crisis response team has been working to return those who have passed away to their loved ones. There are a number of agencies and embassies involved and there has been great progress. Out of sensitivity for the families, we are unable to provide the exact details on the repatriation process but we can share that the majority of the deceased have now been returned to their home country and the rest will soon be are on their way. The repatriation process as a whole is nearing the end.

Please continue to pray for the families and friends of our missionaries, those who are still recovering from their injuries, those who responded to the accident, and the many Y bases who have lost leaders as they grieve and find their next steps forward in both life and ministry without their beloved leaders.

The effects of this loss will be long lasting, but we are trusting God to lead us as we look to the future with hope in His redemptive purposes. Thank you for your continued prayers during this challenging time. May God’s grace continue to keep us and lead us all.

David Hamilton
on behalf of the crisis response team

February 25, 2024 11:40AM HST

With the ripples of the difficult news of the death of 11 YWAMers in a terrible traffic accident in Tanzania, our prayers are with the family and friends of the deceased.  There are five injured individuals still hospitalized and two more people in critical condition to be rallied around in prayer.  We thank the Lord that one of the hospitalized, Isaac B., has been released to return home. (Due to security reasons, we cannot release the full names).

Local and international leaders from YWAM are gathering to support the team on the ground, who are now faced with many details of repatriation, medical evacuation, family support, funeral arrangements, and many other logistics.  We invite you to help with these expenses with an opportunity to give on the following link. The estimated cost of all of these arrangements is approximately $350,000. Thank you to those who are already contributing.  Feel free to share this link with others.

Thank you for helping to ease the financial burden for those bearing the weight of this significant loss to our family in Africa.  Your ongoing prayers and sensitivity are much appreciated.  

Brett Curtis, on behalf of our Crisis Response Team, our Founder, Darlene Cunningham, and ExecMAL leader, David Hamilton. 

February 25, 2024 7:10AM HST

Many of you may now have heard of the tragedy that took place on the 24th of February in Arusha. Leaders and students involved in the Executive Masters Program were on a field trip with other local YWAMers. One mini-bus was struck and overrun by a large truck with failing brakes.

It is with great sadness that we confirm friends and coworkers have passed away. Below are the names of those who have gone to be with Jesus, and for security purposes, their full names and nationalities have been kept confidential.

Claire M.
Zabulon T.
Emmanuel D.
Vicent K.
John M.
Blaise G.
Ime E.
Andrew D.
Chimene D.
Lova R.
Lordienne N.

Those who are currently in hospital and in critical condition are:
Mathurin B.
Joelle Z.

Those who are in the hospital and in stable condition are:
Paul Dav.
Isaac B.
Janet F.
Cyrille A.
Benjamin N.
Paulo M.

All others out on the field trip with the Master intensive are safely back at the Arusha YWAM Base. If your friends do not appear on this list, they were not in the accident.

A team of leaders on the ground in Arusha, Tanzania, a crisis response team in Kona, Hawaii, and other key leaders have been working nonstop to respond in a loving, compassionate, and responsible way to this tragedy that impacts so many of us.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and sensitivity during this emotional time.

February 24, 2024 10:10PM HST

It is morning time in Tanzania, and we are deeply saddened to confirm the passing of another three of our dear missionaries as a result of the tragic traffic accident on Saturday, February 24th, near Arusha, Tanzania. Eleven of our friends are now with Jesus. Two are still in critical condition in the hospital.

As a movement, we gather around all those impacted by this tragedy, their families, and their communities. We are working to meet all the pressing practical, financial, and emotional needs that arise. A fund has been set up that can receive donations.

Please feel free to share the giving link freely: Giving Link

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support as we navigate the impact of this tremendous loss

February 24, 2024 1:10PM HST

It is with great sadness that we are confirming that 8 of our dearly loved friends and honored missionaries have passed away as a result of the tragic traffic accident involving multiple vehicles on Saturday, February 24th, near Arusha, Tanzania. Additionally, several others, including the bus driver, have also passed away. Our hearts go out to all the families, friends, and team members affected by this heartbreaking loss.

For security purposes, their full names and nationalities are kept confidential. Direct family members of those who have passed away and those in critical condition are being contacted as updates on their condition are received by our coordinating team on the ground.

Besides the tragedy of this loss of life, we can confirm that five of our members are in stable condition, with three in critical condition. Our love and prayers continue to go out to them and their families as they continue to fight for their lives.

There are several inaccurate reports circulating around in the news and on social media channels. We encourage everyone to honor the families of those impacted by the tragedy by not generating or spreading unconfirmed reports. Please feel free to repost the updates posted here.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and sensitivity during this emotional time.

If you’d like to donate to support the families involved please visit our giving page.

February 24, 2024 9:10AM HST

Here is an update from our friends on the ground as we just received word from our leaders. We are very concerned for those involved in this accident. One of the two buses was unaffected by the crash with the truck and has returned to the YWAM campus in Arusha. The other bus with YWAM leaders and candidates sustained significant damage. Several individuals are in critical condition in Arusha hospitals.

Many details are still unknown as it is still too early to confirm the conditions of specific individuals. We are still working on notifying the families. Please continue to pray. This is most urgent. We are directly in touch with the leaders on the ground who are interfacing with us from the hospitals, the YWAM campus, and emergency responders on the scene. Our hearts go out to everyone involved.

Two hours ago, we learned of a bus accident in Arusha, Tanzania with YWAMers who had gathered there attending a University of the Nations Executive Masters course intensive. Facilitators and candidates of the course were traveling together in two buses, when one was hit by a truck. We will update you once we know more. We are praying for everyone involved. Our hearts go out to these friends of ours and their families. Please check back here for regular updates.