The Moment My Airport Layover Turned into an Opportunity to Share the Gospel & Break Through Fear 

It was 1:30pm on a Tuesday at the Denver airport.  I was on my way back home after my Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Kona, Hawai’i. In six months, my life had turned upside down. I got to know God personally, traveled the world, and learned how to boldly share my faith.  But what would […]

4 Tips To Know Before You Arrive For Your Discipleship Training School

So, you’ve decided to be a missionary. Whether you think this will be a six-month commitment or a lifetime in the nations, it won’t be easy. Maybe you are worrying about living away from your family or how on earth to pack. Maybe it’s the fact that you’ll have roommates and you don’t think you’ll […]

How The Send Launched Me To The Nations

The Year Everything Changed Since I was a kid, I knew the regular 9-5 lifestyle wasn’t for me. I wanted a life of adventure with God—I wanted to travel and make a deep, lasting impact on people’s lives. In 2019, my birthday started with this one line: This year I am launching you to the nations. […]

How My Discipleship Training School Changed My Life

Heather Morse I had a life-changing experience in DTS. During a teaching God met me. I knew I was born to be a storyteller and use my camera to share hope with the lost and neglected. I travel the world now as part of the YWAM UofN Kona media team. John-Mark Dyer I was on […]

5 Practical Tips To Fundraise For Your Discipleship Training School

Being a missionary—it sounds wild, crazy, and just what you’ve always wanted. But you scroll down to where it says “fees”—and you stop. Maybe there’s another way. You know, a cheaper option. Or a well-paying, safe option.  But do you want to miss your opportunity to see a miracle? It’s true, answering the call of […]