The Moment My Airport Layover Turned into an Opportunity to Share the Gospel & Break Through Fear 

It was 1:30pm on a Tuesday at the Denver airport.  I was on my way back home after my Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Kona, Hawai’i. In six months, my life had turned upside down. I got to know God personally, traveled the world, and learned how to boldly share my faith.  But what would […]

Why does God want me to eat monkey brains?

I was scared. I was 25 years old, sitting on my parent’s bed with tears streaming down my face, terrified to give God control. You need to understand, if I gave God permission to use my life, he was going to send me to a dusty village in some remote country where they eat monkey […]

How Midwives are Turning the Tide of the Maternity Crisis in South Sudan

The day before I left for South Sudan, I watched my best friend give birth.  I felt helpless—but not in a bad way. Her midwives attended to her every need, checking the heart rate of the baby, and providing an atmosphere of peace that I didn’t expect at a birth.  I knew somehow that this […]