Although people come to UofN Kona to take courses outside pursuing a degree, many students find classes in our colleges that can lead to a degree that is beneficial in preparing for their life goals. Courses can be taken one module at a time leading to a degree offered at the Associate’s or Bachelor’s. We encourage students to intersperse their studies with practical experience on the field, so that learning and service build upon one another.​

Applied Linguistics & Languages

Language is one of the most fascinating of gifts humanity has received from God. This college will present unique opportunities for the study of any

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Arts & Sports

Displaying Biblical truth through the integration of artistic, athletic, and creative expression.

Christian Ministries

Equipping leaders to teach the Bible, make disciples, and respond to Christ’s call to the nations.

Conference Connection Communication Corporate Concept


Understanding the skills and tools to infuse the media with relevant expressions of truth, integrity, and quality.

Counseling & Healthcare

Promoting wholeness in Christ through prevention, treatment, and healing of the mind, body, and soul.

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Advocating for learning models founded in Biblical truth that will transform communities.

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Science & Technology

Revealing God’s principles through scientific discovery and innovation to deliver an improved quality of life worldwide.

Learning with Purpose

You can get a degree at a lot of schools, but will you discover God’s purpose over your life?

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