Arts & Sports

There is a fire of creative celebration in heaven that never went out. Embracing vibrant expressions of God’s strength and beauty, the College of Arts & Sports trains students to use their unique talents and gifts to display the Gospel. Integrating biblical truths with artistic and athletic expressions generates an influential vehicle for proclaiming the Gospel in celebration across cultural and generational divides.

In a rapidly globalizing society, the universal language of arts and sports is critical to expressing God’s thinking, character, and glory to the nations.

With courses in dance, music and songwriting, fitness, and more, the College of Arts & Sports trains students in new and traditional mediums for expressing God’s goodness across borders and oceans. This training, however, goes beyond method, challenging students to develop Godly characteristics, a strong social conscience with a focus on God, and a deeper understanding of how their individual passions can influence the world for His glory.

This college will soon be called College of Arts and there will be a separate college called College of Sports and Fitness.

Learning with Purpose

You can get a degree at a lot of schools, but will you discover God’s purpose over your life?