Christian Ministries

The College of Christian Ministries is the University of the Nations most attended college and offers unique Biblical education opportunities that would be impossible in any other university.

Through courses like School of Biblical Studies, Discipleship Bible School, Counter Culture School of Apologetics, and Word By Heart, the College of Christian Ministries trains men and women to be leaders in the Kingdom of God as they respond to Christ’s call to “go and make disciples of all nations.” The UofN’s focus on missions and bringing the love and truth of Jesus to every nation and people group in the world takes Biblical study way beyond theoretical. Students are launched into faith building, real-world adventures where the revelation of who God truly is comes to life.

Whether preparing for work in church roles, international missions, or in their communities, students will grow in their character and receive specific training that enhances their ability to teach the Bible, start new ministries, and disciple young believers wherever they may serve.

Learning with Purpose

You can get a degree at a lot of schools, but will you discover God’s purpose over your life?