The College of Education recognizes the critical role of education in the development of an individual and advocates for the availability of biblically based learning models for every child worldwide. Courses in principles and practices of education, early childhood, children at risk, and curriculum development prepare those with a desire and calling to work with children and youth to serve both in and out of a traditional classroom. The College of Education believes that access to good education is key to the development of communities and trains students to invest in and empower youth to reach their God-given potential.

Many courses operate as real world classrooms within classrooms that give students an immersive and inspiring experience as educators in training. From here in Kona, Hawaii, hundreds of preschools and elementary schools around the world have been infused with the faith-based curriculum and techniques developed by the faculty and graduates of these UofN College of Education courses.

Learning with Purpose

You can get a degree at a lot of schools, but will you discover God’s purpose over your life?