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To heal the "whole person."

About the Course

We believe that Jesus cares about and wants to heal the “whole person.” We desire to create a place where healthcare professionals, and those interested in the medical field, can learn to use their skills and talents for His Kingdom.

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Robert Graham
18 years old
What happens in this course?

DTS is a 6 month experience created to help you know God, find your calling and use it to change the world.

Training Phase (3 months)

Seek God with all your heart, hear His voice and find His plan for your life.

Learn from spiritual leaders with years of experience and put your learning right into practice.

How to hear God’s voice

Encounter God in the Bible

Holy Spirit and His gifts

Worship and intercession

How to preach the Gospel

Repentance and forgiveness

Outreach Phase (3 months)

Travel the world with a team, meet real needs and show people the love and power of the gospel.

In the outreach phase you will experience new cultures, work alongside local believers and lead people to Jesus.

Teach the Bible

Change lives with God

Learn other cultures

Help others to follow Jesus

Serve local believers

Face fear and take risks

What makes us unique?


Our school was created for those working in the medical field. However we welcome anyone interested in medicine even if they don’t have any formal training.


We are focused on more than physical medicine. We know that true healing must include emotional and spiritual healing.

Skill Set

God wants to use health workers in missions. We will show students how to use their skills for the missions movement.

DTS Tracks

Choose A track in DTS


Gen-Z spends 7 hours a day on a screen. Develop your skills and use them for the missions movement.

DTS Track


Our generation needs to hear truth and experience love. Learn to become a powerful voice and meet the lost with love.

DTS Track


Write the anthems of the missions movement. Create songs that move the heart of our generation as they run after Jesus.

DTS Track


Use your fitness for the missions movement. Reach the most remote places on earth with the gospel.

DTS Track

Compassion Ablaze

Meet real needs with the love of Jesus. Find the needs arounds you and bring practical solutions with the Gospel.

DTS Track


Help families break the chains of poverty with clean water, food and renewable energy.

DTS Track


Use your performance skills for the missions movement. Reach the lost with the power of dance.

DTS Track

To heal the “whole person.” ·  Medical
DTS ·  To heal the “whole person.” · Medical
DTS · To heal the “whole person.” · Medical
DTS · To heal the “whole person.” · Medical
DTS · To heal the “whole person.” ·  Medical
DTS ·  To heal the “whole person.” · Medical
DTS · To heal the “whole person.” · Medical
DTS · To heal the “whole person.” · Medical
DTS · To heal the “whole person.” · Medical
DTS · To heal the “whole person.” · Medical
DTS · To heal the “whole person.” · Medical
DTS · 

Vaccination disclaimer

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Accreditation disclaimer

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