AS in Primary Education

The Associate of Science in Primary Education degree will prepare the student for practical service in the field of primary (elementary) education. Students will build a biblical worldview of education around the topics of the value of a child, the role of family, and the character of God as foundational to all content and practice. Students will develop practical skills in creating a healthy classroom community, and an interactive approach to learning and lesson planning. Students will be prepared practically to teach children aged 5–16 in any context.

Available Courses

Foundations for Revival and Reformation

Foundations for Revival & Reformation is a nine-month program combining three UofN core courses. Training in biblical teaching, a Christ-centered worldview, and God-inspired mediums of communication prepares students for Kingdom impact.

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Stewardship & Sustainability

Stewardship & Sustainability School exists to break the roots of poverty and bring gospel-inspired transformation to people and their land through sustainable access to food, energy, water, shelter, and sanitation.

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