Christophe Ulysse and Rhonda Ulysse

About Christophe Ulysse and Rhonda Ulysse

Christophe’s passion is to pull people out of the darkness and into the light through power evangelism and biblical training. He is an ordained minister with Partners in Harvest, earning his Master’s degree in Discipleship and Mission from Northern Theological Seminary. His wife, Rhonda, is a gifted mentor to young women and an anointed worship leader, with her associates degree in Biblical Studies from University of the Nations. They have been in full time ministry for over ten years, including six years on pastoral staff at a local church. Christophe and Rhonda have four children: Judah, Jeru, Aliyah and Ashon.


To know God and to make Him known. Save the lost. Revive the saved. train them both.