Christer Bergus

About Christer Bergus

Since 2009 Christer has served full time with YWAM, staffing Discipleship Training Schools, serving Kona's local churches, and recently working with Biblical studies courses in Hawaii. Miji and Christer were married in June 2016 and have continued with YWAM full-time. Miji has been involved with overseeing training school leaders, being involved with the worship department and recently part of the Biblical studies department. In 2017-Spring 2018 Christer and Miji helped pioneer the first School of Biblical Studies (SBS) with YWAM in Cambridge, England. They now work full time in Kona, Hawaii with SBS. They are committed to continuing with Biblical studies in YWAM and to see the end of Bible illiteracy among Christians throughout the world for as long as they can. If you would like to know more about Kona, England or our future, please contact me:


In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus commissions the Disciples to go and make disciples by teaching them what he taught them. Much of today’s Christian church is severely Bible Illiterate. Few know the chronology of events, that Abraham didn’t know Moses and aren’t even able to name the four gospels much less the 12 Apostles. Miji and Christer's mission is to train and equip the Body of Christ with knowledge of the Word of God so that they will be able to equip others and end Bible illiteracy in the Body of Christ. How can today’s Christians disciple others in a Biblical way if they themselves don’t know the Bible? We seek to do this through YWAM Training Schools, local public events and regular Bible studies, as well as numerous one off events. Our hope is to raise up a generation that will see the knowledge of God and his Word spread throughout the world and lay a solid foundation for Christianity among every people group.