God is on mission all around us.  He is at work restoring communities, hearts, relationships, families, businesses; every single thing he has created, all over the world.  We desire to be equipped, inspired and connected in order to partner with God in his mission and be Restorers wherever we go.

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Our Focus

Restorers DTS seeks to equip people of every age, nationality, and ability to impact their communities with the transformational love of God. We desire to see people discover their identities as radical world changers — whether that be in their universities, their jobs, or in a nation that is foreign to them. We believe that Christians have the influence and power to restore hope to the hopeless, bring healing to the broken, and return the lost back to a Father who loves them more than we can fathom. The Lord has given us a calling and the means necessary to renew a fallen world. Join us as we become the restorers we were meant to be.


Remix is a three-week program designed to equip you with more tools to help you transition into what God is calling you to do next. We will have speakers that teach on practical self leadership, how to be missional wherever you are, and how to be a lifestyle missionary in order to sustain your DTS experience into the next phase of your life. We don’t want your DTS training to be a waste or just a temporary spiritual retreat, we want it to be something you can carry on with you wherever you go. We will also take time to process and plan out your next steps and go in depth into what your goals are, what your mission statement is for your life, and what values you carry to figure out the trajectory God has you on.

On top of all of that, Remix gives you more time to process, time away from distractions, and time to slowly transition out of a busy DTS schedule into a more realistic daily routine!

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Lecture: April 4, 2019 – June 26, 2019
Outreach: June 27, 2019 – Varies
Remix: August 26, 2019
– September 20, 2019


English & Korean


Lecture: $3995

Outreach & Remix: $5395


Must be 18 years old on Arrival Day

Any children under 4 must have a nanny, those 4 and up can attend Foundation School.  Please confirm child’s admission to Foundation School.

Meet Your School Leader


Aloha! I was born in Seoul, lived in korea until I went to university in Japan, and after graduating, I lived as a normal office worker in  Korea for 9 years. In 2015, I finished Restorers DTS, and had planned to go back to my work life, but God had a different plan for me, and so I am here. ^^ I love to watch movies that make me cry, I love to share stories and cry as well… I guess I love crying! I love to stay after in the classroom to spend time by myself, but I also love to talk to people. It is difficult to say that I love God as much as He loves me, but I love Him so much that I will follow in tears if He calls me. I believe that God will use this season to strengthen and grow my love for Him. I have faith and I pray that our God, the Prodigal God who pours out His all for us, will show each and every one of you so much of His love and His plans for you through Restorers DTS.



Growing up as a christian I always had a hunger to understand what it was to live as a disciple of God. This hunger was deeper than just wanting to know Christ as information, but rather, to live out that knowledge in the context of our world today. That’s exactly what I experienced as I began my journey of seeing my world being restored and the fact that my role as a disciple was, in the same way, “restoring” the world around me. The Restorers DTS family would love to walk together with you to see how restoration can happen through restored people just like us.

My wife and I are veterans of YWAM and have been involved with the Mission for more than 20 years. As a family, we’ve lived in over five countries partnering with what God has been doing around the world. We’re now long term partners with YWAM Kona and the University of the Nation as school leaders.

Join us in April 2019 to hear and see the stories of Jesus and allow it to transform and restore us together.


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