September 22, 2016

As we look back on our Discipleship Training Schools years ago, the teaching has been the same but God continues to do so much!  As we sent our students out on outreach at the beginning of this year, there was so much anticipation for what God would do and wow, the results were amazing!

Our team that went to Uganda and South Sudan was able to show the Jesus Film about 40 times, saw dozens of people make decisions for Jesus, and many were healed as well.  Our team that went to India and Nepal was able to reach out to those affected by the earthquake, minister to so many in such rough conditions, partner with long-term workers who are planting churches and give out Bibles to those who had NEVER had them.  Finally our team that went to Thailand and a neighboring country (cannot share for security reasons) started a Bible distribution plan going door to door giving out Bibles, praying for people and the results were truly awesome!  Please take some time to watch a video they made on title is: “Northern Thailand SourceView Bible Distribution.”  As they went door to door giving out Bibles & praying for people, the reputation of the team began to build. People received the Bibles gladly, they prayed for the sick, and so many were healed!