DTS Admin

September 21, 2016


After completing the outreach portion of our Awaken schools all our teams will return to Kona for at least a week. We will either be on base or be brought up to the Makapala retreat center on the North Side of the Big Island. The outreach phase is meant to be educational and a big part of that is having space to process and understand what you’ve experienced before going home.

We will continue the training process and solidify our values to see life from this new perspective of being on mission for Jesus. Talk about what following Jesus looks like in a career, at university, working in ministry or going long-term with a community plant. Finally, we will return to kona and have a couple days to graduate.

Remember the DTS was always intended to be a launching pad for the long-term. You could say outreach 2.0 begins once you leave kona. Where will the Father lead you? What is he saying? What will you do? Life is our mission field, let the adventure begin.