September 22, 2016

With the right perspective, raising money for your DTS will be fun! So here are five steps you’ll need to raise the $7,000 due 30 days before you arrive in Kona!

  • Get God’s Perspective. God is your provider, not your rich uncle. Trust God to provide for you, this will take the pressure off the people you ask. You can invite them to donate but you won’t feel bad if they say no because you know God will take care of you. It is a privilege for your friends and family to donate to your DTS! You are worth the investment—come on—say it out loud! You are not going on vacation, you’re signing up for an intense training school to know God and then go into the nations to share his love. You are giving them a chance to invest in building God’s Kingdom. Pray and ask God to help you see from his perspective. Your biggest battle to fundraising is to fight discouragement and embarrassment about asking for money.
  • Prepare Your Speech We want to donate to a person who has vision and sincere passion for what they’re doing. Work on a “pocket speech”—just a minute or two long—that communicates why you want to do a DTS. Share your heart and as much vision as you have. Practice it with your brother or sister, try giving it to your parents and ask for their input. Rework it a couple times until you feel like you can clearly communicate why you want to come to Kona.
  • Make a List of Names Open Google Sheets or Excel and start writing down every name you can think of! Facebook friends, your dentist, Aunts and long lost cousins. Your list should have at least 150 names! Then find the easiest people on the list to ask for money and begin communicated with them.
  • Make First Contact Here are the most effective ways to raise money in order:
          1. Face to face conversations (50% may donate)
          2. Skype or Phone Calls
          3. A handwritten letter (10% may donate)
          4. A personal email or facebook message
          5. A mass email (2–5% may donate)
          6. Facebook posts (0.5% may donate)

We suggest sending a quick text or email to your potential donor and asking them if they would like to get together or talk on the phone to hear about your desire to goto DTS. Let them know that you are looking for donors so they are not surprised when you ask for money in person.

  • Share Your Need & Shut Up When you meet with them catch up a little bit, then share your heart about DTS, share the fundraising need you have, ask them if they would be interested in donating and then stop talking! Allow them to respond and be ready with easy ways for them to donate when they say yes! Your donors will be so excited to hear your stories from outreach and are fully a part of what God will do in and through you. It really is fun to raise the money and build these relationships.


With these 5 steps you’ll be off to a great start! If you need more help, we are here for you, email us at Be bold and good luck!