September 22, 2016

When we came back by bus from Mercy House(house for disabled and neglected seniors) in Novoshakhtinsk,  Shinae had a testimony for a young Russian man she met on the bus. Shinae focused on hearing the voice of God at that moment. God said to her, “Tell him about the story of  Daniel”.  Shinae was unsure if she heard right but  asked the person for his name and amazingly, his name was Daniel. He was born into a Christian family, but was an unbeliever. He did not know the Bible or the the story of Daniel.  She was talking to him through google translation app. He was impressed by their talk. He wanted to know about the story more. He downloaded the Russian Bible app right then and said he would read the Bible story. They talked the whole bus ride home which was for about 90minutes. Praise be to our amazing God!