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September 22, 2016

The Unhammers – Norway

We are a family of four. We were active in our local church, but still we longed for more of God.

As parents, we wanted the kids to experience that Jesus is still alive today, and not only something that they have heard about in Sunday school. We have also been part of family ministry in Norway and have a special heart for families and relationships.

In the beginning, the thought of doing a DTS was farfetched and just a dream, but God started to work with us. After about a year of dreaming, we decided to apply to do a DTS in Kona, Hawaii. We chose the All Nations All Generations.

Just after Christmas in 2014 we were on a plane bound for Hawaii, the family was excited, not knowing what to expect.

All our expectations were just blown away during the six months of DTS.

The Kids

They attended Foundation School, which is in a way a mini-DTS where the kids are presented with much of the same teaching as we had in the DTS. It was so good to see that they could grow in relationship with God.

Our boy is interested in photo and video, and he was included in the audio visual team in Kona. We saw that value no. 6, Champion young people, is not just a saying, but it is what YWAM lives on a daily basis. The kids got teaching for life, and friends which they still keep in touch with via social media.

Teaching in Kona

The teaching was amazing. Different subjects taught each week, but all pointing to show who God is. It felt like looking at a diamond and see all the facets, it is the same God, but from different perspectives.  It was like sitting at the source of the fountain. The teaching was so founded on the word of the Lord. Now after we got back, we still read our notes and find even more treasures revealed as we repeat the teachings.

Living in community

This was one of the biggest changes we experienced, but also one of the things we missed the most when we got back home. I think we are made to live in close relations to our brothers and sisters.

It didn’t take long before we all felt like a big family, and we got friendships that will last for life.

Maybe the hardest part of the DTS was to say goodbye to friends we had grown close to, knowing that we might never meet again.


It has been the best time in our lives, building relationship with God and each other. We now stand stronger as a family, more openness in our family and more trust in the Lord as a individuals and as a family. DTS has been life changing for us, but we still want more, more of what God has for us.


The Haraldsens – Wisconsin, USA

We are so very thankful for our DTS and the time spent as a family. We were all learning similar topics and having some of the same speakers. It was fun to share what we were learning with each other. Jim and I felt like we were on a date as we walked to class holding hands after dropping the kids off at school. We were able to taste and see that the Lord is GOOD in so many ways. From financial provision to healing of bodies and relationships. We made some very special friends and love reminiscing about our time in there and even tear up over missing our ANAG family. God has done and is doing powerful things in each of us! As long as we have eyes to see and ears to hear.