September 22, 2016

Outreach to France and Spain is very different from what you would expect in many other locations around the world. They are advanced, western societies, just like at home (USA). Our experiences as missionaries would not compare to the teams that were sent to Southeast Asia or the Pacific Islands, at least that’s what we thought. On our first day of ministry in France, our team went to a school to assist with the English classes that would be going on throughout the day. Our plan was to have conversations with the students in English and see what else might happen. We never imagined what the rest of our day would look like! When a class asked our team how such a collection of English-speakers found themselves in their classroom, our answer was simple, “God told us to come here”. Soon, members of our team were praying for a young girl’s knee. After she was healed, word traveled quickly among the student body! During a recess, we waited in a courtyard where we were bombarded by students that were curious about what they heard was happening at their school. Within minutes, a crowd had gathered as our team prayed with kids and spoke truths about the way Jesus cared for them. It was like the Book of Acts being played out in front of us! These things do not happen in French high schools, but they did that day! After explaining more about Jesus to the crowd, we gave them the opportunity to respond. More than 20 young people raised their hand to accept the forgiveness that Jesus was offering them and step into a new way of relating to their loving Creator. And God did not stop there! The hunger for something real amongst the students was moving. Throughout the rest of the day, students were skipping class to come be a part of what God was doing on the campus. In other classes, we prayed for more healings. One time, the friends of a boy with a stutter wanted to join us as we asked God to heal their friend. They were clearly moved by the power of Holy Spirit as their friend began to speak clearly. Our time at the school extended hours beyond the dismissal bell, as students waited in line to have an encounter with Jesus. Our expectations for Outreach in France and Spain changed that day, as did our paradigm of what being on mission with God looks like.

Michael – Louisiana, USA