DTS Admin

September 21, 2016

Not sure if Engage DTS is for you? Check out this video where our 2016 students share their experience with you. Stories of transformation, love, Jesus, freedom, forgiveness, inspiration, breakthrough, trust, worship and passion for missions.

DTS caused me to be launched into an extraordinary life with Jesus, even within the ordinary life at home. It changed my lifestyle, how I go about day-to-day life.

I did not realise how lost I was until I completely found myself in Jesus. Coming to Engage DTS has changed my life forever. My relationship with God is stronger than it ever has been and it keeps on going. I love love love the worship here, so freedom in how you can worship. My roommates are the best, the campus is beautiful. I love all of our staff. the speakers we had were all so encouraging, wise and real with us.

Life transforming! I’ll never be the same! I truly know my Father more and what it means to be a part of his kingdom. I learned what real love looks like. This school is such an impactful, fun and loving place for us to grow and deepen our relationships with the Father; with staff filled with so much deep dedication to our transformation.


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