September 22, 2016

 There is a poor, squatter village in the Philippines called Azucena that we, in conjunction with the YWAM Naga base, have been sewing into for years now. We’re talking shacks made of any material that can be found, from tree bark to reeds, and if you’re really lucky, scrap sheet metal. The only water supply for this whole village is a couple of wells that pump dirty, unsafe water. If I had to describe the people of this village in one word, it would be: hopeless. The adults do not bother trying to find much work and instead spend their time gambling and drinking away what little money they do posses. The kids grow up with no other model than what they see in their village, and so the vicious cycle continues. A huge mission of ours is to inspire the hope that can only be found in God into Azucena, and we have seen bold and mighty disciples raised up from the hopelessness.This video documents the Christmas party we put on for the children of Azucena. The smiles say it all.