Email Tips

Some simple tools to help you become better with email at YWAM Kona

Email is a core communication tool at YWAM Kona, used extensively between staff in particular. Here are some tips to becoming a better emailer.

Replying to all

Many times, emails are sent to groups. Be sure to “reply to all” unless you are intentionally replying only to the sender. Otherwise, the other recipients cannot see your reply.


Help organize your emails (and the emails of the people you are sending emails to, by always including a brief subject, summarizing what the email is about.

Don’t “reuse” old emails where the subject doesn’t relate to the new email. Compose a new email with a new subject.

Out of Office 

Traveling and can’t check your email? Planning on a period where you can’t check your email as often? Set an out of office automatic responder to let people know. In Gmail, this is called a “vacation responder” and can be found in the first tab of your settings.

Don’t know someone’s email address?

In Gmail, the directory includes all staff email addresses. So you never have to ask for someone’s email address again. When you compose a new email, type their name and the directory will be searched automatically.

Proof read your email before you click send

As a courtesy to your email recipients, proof read your email before you click “Send”. In addition to fixing typo’s, perhaps you can  say what you want to say more efficiently.

Use your U of N Kona email address

All staff are entitled to a U of N Kona email address (uofnkona.edu or ywamkona.org may be used interchangeably). All staff SHOULD use their U of N Kona email addresses for campus business. Your “business” (campus) related emails are actually the property of U of N Kona. This also helps with things like google drive and sharing.

Do not set your U of N Kona email to forward to a personal email address. This is self-defeating of the purpose of having a campus email address.