Gift Planning Services

Introducing a new program at the University of the Nations: Gift Planning Services. The purpose of this program is to share information with our friends that will assist them in their estate planning and present opportunities to make “cost effective” gifts to the University and other charities they support.

Gift Planning Services Brochure

We have a Gift Planning Services Brochure that briefly explains our services. It contains a summary of many gift planning ideas that can not only save you tax dollars but at the same time benefit the charities that have been a part of your life.

Will/Living Trust Packet

The Will/Living Trust Packet contains helpful worksheets and other information that will assist you in having your estate plan prepared. Completing this booklet prior to meeting with your attorney will save time and money in having the documents prepared.

Memorial Gift

Memorial Gift is a wonderful say to express your love for a person who has gone home to be with the Lord when words do not seem to be enough. These gifts can be designed to honor the person in an area of ministry that was close to their heart and will be a big help in our mission; “To know God and to make Him known”.

Contact Us

To receive a Will/Living Trust Information packet or if you have a question in regard to your estate plan, please email us and we will be in touch and assist you without obligation.

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Many of our friends have included the University of the Nations in their estate plans. There are many different ways to do this. I have asked some of them to share why and how they have provided for their gift.

Gay Block

Kailua-Kona, HI

About 15 years ago I found a perfect answer to my life’s financial planning.

I was concerned how I could give 10% of what I leave behind as a tithe, and not cause problems with my children. (My family isn’t presently in tune with the Lord and question my donations to “religious stuff”.) I learned I was able to set up an annuity in the form of a life insurance policy to be distributed to YWAM at my death. My family should have no objection because the total estate will pass on to them.
Even better, the monthly payment is equal to my tithe, so that any other giving is simply free and clear to be given with joy and freedom! (Saves on bookkeeping!) What a wonderful way to help further the work of YWAM! I have chosen to have it used for scholarships to bring students to schools from developing countries. Great idea – it’s a win/win, yes?”

Ray and Jan Mau

Victoria, BC, Canada

In September 1975 I entered Youth With A Mission [YWAM] and began the Discipleship Training School. At that time the school was called – School of Evangelism.

In one of the very first sessions, we were asked four “Quaker” questions. I remember this one which went like this: “As a child, who in your memory gave you the greatest unconditional love and warmth?” For me it was very simple – my grandmother on my mother’s side.
Within the Hawaiian culture it was not unusual to have the young children raised by their grandparent until they reached school age, approximately 5 years of age. For me this was the case.  I was raised by my grandmother and grandfather which was also complicated by the fact that Hawaii was a Territory of the United States of America in 1946 and coming out of WWII.  My parents were young then with three boys already in the family and restarting life was both an emotional and a financial struggle.
One other Quaker question went like this: “When did God become more than a word to you?” Here again, the answer was very simple – my grandmother. Not only did she give me unconditional love and warmth but also implanted in my young mind many of life’s values and spiritual lessons as she led us in nightly devotions with Bible study and prayers.
In honour of her memory, my wife Jan and I have created a scholarship in her name – ELIZABETH KAHELE GIBSON – with the goal of providing funds to students entering YWAM discipleship schools from the South Pacific and Polynesia regions.  Scholarships will be funded by a designated bequest and administrated by the University of the Nations – Kona.
It is our desire to see youth come to know God as Father, experience His love and warmth as well as learn to know Him and to make Him known.

John & Anna Young

Sarasota, FL

I read Loren Cunninghams book “Is that really You God?” about the beginning of YWAM and was very much impressed. Great book and I would highly recommend getting a copy and reading it.

A few years later I decided to volunteer some time to work at the University in Kona for a couple weeks.  My visit there was life changing as I talked with the young people there who were being trained.  Their dedication to the Lord was astounding, something us “older” Christians should take note of.  Many there knew to go back to their home country literally meant they would be martyred for there dedication to Jesus Christ, yet they were entirely willing to make that sacrifice.
Since that time and knowing that all the staff are non-paid and entirely volunteer I have tried to support YWAM both in present gifts and in estate planning by naming the University of the Nations one of the beneficiaries on my 401(k) retirement plan.  After all, we are just stewards of the moneys that God has entrusted us to, and YWAM is a great organization to support.

Joanne B. Foley

Champaign, Illinois

Youth With a Mission isn’t just for young people! It’s for anyone who dreams of serving the Lord.

When my husband retired from the construction business in the early 1990s, we began looking for a new ministry. God lead us to YWAM, and in 1996 Dick and I traveled to Kona, Hawaii, for Discipleship Training School. Our group journeyed to Ukraine for a six-week mission trip. Quite a step of faith for us – Dick was 70 years of age!
For the next 16 years, Dick and I spent three months each winter at the University of the Nations-Kona, serving in various capacities. We taught ESL, served in the area of hospitality and participated on the  Council of  the Future but Dick’s favorite was using his building expertise to help with campus expansion projects.
We loved YWAM for how it drew us closer to the Lord, each other, and many dear friends. What a blessing to be part of YWAM’s dynamic ministry for many years.
When Dick was suddenly called home to heaven in the summer of 2013, it seemed natural to name Youth with a Mission, 75-5851 Kuakini Highway, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, 96740 as a memorial in lieu of flowers. We also have a Life Income Trust that continues to pay me income for my lifetime and then provides a gift to the University when the Lord calls me home. These are ways we could give back to an organization that has given us so much.