The Global Experience

The World is Your Classroom

The University of the Nations has hundreds of locations, with a campus in nearly every country on earth. While pursuing a degree students will have the opportunity to visit and immerse themselves in different cultures. 

The Kona campus is the first and largest of these locations and benefits from a diverse, multinational student body. However, for a student to receive the full experience the university has to offer, it is vital they spend time in countries, cultures, and societies that can teach them something new about themselves, the way they learn, and the nature and character of God. When studying abroad, students will not just live in a different nation but will find themselves becoming a part of where they are. 

A large number of the UofN courses and modules include outreaches to countries other than where the course is based in. This means one course could take a student to two or more nations within a few months to learn, discover, and make a difference. Outreach allows students to put what they are learning into practice and gives them a chance to explore what it looks like to use their skills in every part of the world.

This global experience is what makes the UofN stand out. When a UofN student graduates they will have traveled the world, made friends in different countries, and planted roots in new nations. 

A Multicultural Campus

A large part of a student’s cultural exposure is found on campus within the student and staff body. UofN Kona typically has at least 40-50 nations represented on campus at any given time. Throughout a student’s stay, they will interact and get to know people of different cultures as their roommates and classmates. Upon graduation, a student will have friends around the world, giving them a network for future work or ministry wherever they are called.

Studying Abroad

The UofN is a school without borders. Students are not limited to one nation for the duration of their degree. Courses can, and will, take students anywhere in the world, in some cases requiring them to move from campus to campus to pursue different modules. For example, a student studying for a Bachelor’s degree will be required to take at least two of their courses in a culture that is not their own. The purpose of this requirement is to give students practical experience and knowledge of cross-cultural living, and an understanding of what ministry and their field of study looks like in different parts of the world.

The UofN also believes this requirement displays the heart of God. Every country and culture reflects different aspects of the nature and character of God, so every new nation a person visits gives them a new insight into who God is.

International Outreach

Depending on what courses students take as part of their degree program, they will have different outreach opportunities. All UofN degree students will take part in an outreach at least once and will spend time preparing for this with their assigned team. Additional outreaches may be required or optional depending on the specific course or degree a student is pursuing.

Outreaches take place around the world and often depend on the focus of the campus or specific course. Many UofN campuses have a heart for specific nations and often send teams to the same area to continue work with existing projects, such as a partnership with a local church or school. Other campuses will send teams to a wide variety of nations around the world, to minister in different ways.

In The Field

Field assignments are designed to give students the opportunity to practice the new knowledge and skills they have learned throughout a course. These field assignments place students in a working environment where they are able to put their skills into practice to further their learning. This can also involve on-the-job training and experience that will provide students with a starting platform for their career.