Staff Insurance

All staff must arrive in Kona with their own health insurance that is valid in the United States and covers health costs incurred here. U of N Kona does not provide insurance for anyone on campus – students, staff or mission builders – and cannot be held responsible for any of their medical costs.

Proof of insurance will be required on your arrival day when you go to staff services to get your staff ID card. This insurance must cover your entire time in Kona.

Short-term health insurance can be purchased online before you arrive. To find different options available, research “short-term health insurance” and find an option that meets your health needs. For liability reasons, the University of the Nations cannot recommend a health insurance provider.

All staff

Step 1: Staff arrivals and current staff

❏    Go to Staff Services upon arrival, or contact them if you are updating information.

❏    Verify your department, Visa (if applicable), and insurance information.

❏    Pay $5 activation fee online at or in person either cash (exact change please) or check. This is for every quarter.

❏    Get a Kona ID ($5.00 per/card) This is one-time unless you need a card replacement.

Lunch is free Monday- Friday. All other meals are not included, but $2 per plate for 8-years and older.

❏     Purchase meals at and you’ll have the value loaded onto your ID card.

Living on campus?

Step 2: Staff Living On-Campus

❏    Go to Housing Department inside Gateway office

❏    Confirm check-in date

❏     Go to Cashier’s Office (Hours: M-F  9:30 – 11:30 am,  12:30 – 3:30 pm)

❏    Pay first month’s rent ($60 room deposit will be included in your first month’s rent – refundable upon completion of room inspection when checking out.)

❏   Get your key from your building manager.

*If you check-out of campus housing within 30 days of arriving, you will be charged $15/night, not by week.

**You will receive your monthly housing bill via email the beginning of each month after the first month of billing has been processed.

Since May 15, 2016 we have changed our staff housing fees.

Housing Fees:

Lunch is free Monday- Friday. All other meals are not included, but $2 per plate for 8-years and older. Your room deposit ($60) will be added onto your first housing bill and it is refundable at the end of your stay.

  • $400/month, $15/night 18 yrs+
  • $300/month, $11/night 13-17 yrs
  • $200/month, $8/night 8-12 yrs
  • $100/month, $4/night 3-7 yr
  • Family housing maximum of $1700 a month

On-campus housing procedure:

Once you have received confirmation of your housing, upon arrival check-in with Housing in the Gateway office to receive your room number. Visit Gateway Office (located in the Impact Center building next to the front gate)

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00a – 11:30a

If you are arriving outside of our office hours contact your school leaders to receive your room number. Then the following business day, check-in with Gateway.

Email your building manager with your arrival date/time check-in and to receive your key.


If you need to have the billing date adjusted you have minimum of 3 days prior to your check-in date to email the housing department. If you do not inform us you are responsible to pay the date that you entered on your application.

Got Questions?  Email or

Blessings and thanks for saying “Yes!” to serving alongside our Kona Ohana!

Staff application requirements

We hope to make your application process as a staff of UofN Kona as simple as possible. Here are the guidelines:

Complete Staff Application Form
Begin your application by applying here:
Apply online (recommended)

All required fields with an asterisk (*) on the online application must be completed before clicking the submit button. Please do not forget to hit ‘submit’ when you are finished, so that we can start reviewing your application. If you have paper forms to send, it is preferred they are scanned and emailed.

Health Form
The State of Hawaii requires everyone to be tested for tuberculosis (TB) and to submit evidence of a negative test. Testing must be dated within one year of your arrival.

If you are a non-U.S. resident, please be sure to speak with our Visa Desk – They can assist you with any visa documentation, and/or arrival letters for entering the United States.

Health Insurance
All YWAM Kona staff must have health insurance valid in the State of Hawaii that covers all their medical costs, and the costs of any family members who accompany them. Proof of insurance is required upon arrival.

Reference Forms
You must have two completed references before your application can be processed. At least one must be from a pastor, church or YWAM leader, a teacher or employer. The other can be from a friend who knows you well. Sending reference forms to more than two people might speed up this part of your application process. There is no harm for us to receive extra forms.

For further questions or to submit your application forms, please contact