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Do I get paid as a YWAM missionary?

YWAM missionaries do not receive a salary or remuneration from YWAM. Each staff member must raise their own finances – through partnership of friends, families, and/or churches – in order to serve within YWAM. Read more information here.

How can people make donations to a YWAM missionary?

If the individual is a full-time missionary with YWAM and has a mission account with the University of the Nations Kona, donations can be made online or by check. For further questions, please contact the finance office or the YWAM missionary you desire to support.

How do I start fundraising?

Fundraising is an important part of your overall ministry effort. One resource is the book Funding Your Ministry by Scott Morton. It supplies both the practical and the spiritual basics for successfully raising your personal support and will be a great source of information and encouragement for you. Another book is Friend-Raising by Betty Barnett. Tip: You can start your fundraising, ministry partnership development effort even before you start your missionary service (or ministry) by beginning to make your list of family and friends who you could prayerfully approach at some point to ask them to consider joining your support team. As you make your list, make sure you get as much information regarding names of spouses, mailing address, phone numbers, and email addresses.

How to Qualify for a Mission Account

You must:

  • Have a US social security number
  • Be a US citizen, have a current, unexpired R1 Visa, or have a Green Card
  • Have at least a two year commitment to the Kona Base or an open pioneering base of the Kona Base
  • Already be on the Kona Base serving as staff or you may request to open an Advance Mission Contract no more than six months before and no later than 31 days prior to arriving at the base as staff.

If you do not qualify for a Mission Account through the Kona Base, you may contact the YWAM Tyler Base or The YWAM El Paso Base to see if you qualify through their Base. Their contact information is:

YWAM Tyler
PO Box 3000, Garden Valley, TX 75771
Phone: (903) 882-5591
E-Mail: info@ywamtyler.org
Web: ywamtyler.org

YWAM El Paso
4444 Edgar Park Ave, El Paso, TX 79904-2808
Phone: (915) 757-3387
Web: ywamepj.org

If you are interested in opening a Mission Account through the Kona Base or may qualify for an Advance Mission Account, please email Julie Lucas at missionaccounts@uofnkona.edu.