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Where will I be going on outreach?

Most DTSs and even our Upper Level UofN Courses reveal their outreach locations during the Lecture Phase of the school. Typically you will find out your Outreach location in the first 3 weeks of Lecture Phase.  Occasionally DTSs do provide their outreach locations before Arrival Day, however for that information you will need to talk to your School Leader/Staff. Find their contact information on the corresponding Course Page. If the school contact is not there, then contact info@ywamkona.org

Who will I be going on outreach with?

Within the first three weeks of Lecture Phase, you will be placed in a team consisting of students and staff from your DTS. Teams usually have anywhere from five to eight students, and at least one staff member who will be the team leader.

What will we be doing on outreach?

This will depend on where you go on outreach. In general, your outreach will consist of evangelism and mercy ministries, as well as team times. Evangelism can look like preaching in a church to doing street evangelism, to distributing bibles; mercy ministries can be anything from building homes to hosting medical clinics. You’ll have many different opportunities on outreach to share the love of Jesus with the people you meet, and to put into practice the things you’ve learned in Lecture Phase.

Is Outreach optional?

Participating in Lecture Phase only and not the Outreach Phase is not an option.  Most of our Courses, and especially our DTS’s are setup as a reflection of, “To know God, and make Him known.”  It is vital that you be given the opportunity to put it into practice what you learnt in Lecture Phase immediately by going on the Outreach Phase.  In addition there are times throughout the Lecture Phase that are dedicated towards Outreach preparation. By not going on outreach, a person would be left with an incomplete DTS experience, and would not complete their DTS course. In order to join YWAM as a staff member, or to continue with the UofN, you must successfully complete a DTS.

For our UofN Courses, it is best to contact your School Leader and find out if there is a mandatory Outreach Phase or Internship. It would be to your benefit that you participate in any Outreach, Field Assignment, or Internship that is offered with our Courses.

What are the Outreach Fees?

DTS Outreach – Outreach ranges from $4000-6000 USD. The final cost of your outreach will depend on where you will be going on outreach, which will be determined within the first three weeks of Lecture phase. The first installment for the Outreach Phase fees is generally due no later than the fourth week of Lecture Phase, and the remaining balance is due by the eighth week.

Upper Level UofN Courses –  the above will be similar for the Course that has a mandatory Outreach Phase.  Internships will be processed differently.  Please inquire with your UofN Course Leader.