Preparation for Arrival Day

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Airport Pickup

Look out for the YWAM Kona / UofN Kona greeters at Kona International Airport. We will be there on Arrival Day, all day! Be sure to email your flight info (airline, flight number, date and time) to your DTS Leader or contact person (not to Student Services).

TB Test

The state of Hawaii requires that all students and staff enrolled at the University of the Nations or YWAM Kona have proof of a negative Tuberculosis Test. This TB test must have been taken within one year prior to the start of your school. Please send all results via email to Student Services before your arrival day. You may send a photo or scan and do not need to send the original document. All students arriving without this proof will need to fill out a paper TB screening form on Arrival Day.
US Students: If you have your own or your parent’s insurance, get this done before you come to YWAM Kona. Cost in Kona is $20, and time missing class.
International Students: The state of Hawaii does not accept any international proof of a negative TB test, including chest X-Rays, except for the universal QuantiFERON-TB Gold blood test. If your country provides this test at low/no cost, bring/upload a copy of the negative results in English. Students coming from Northwestern Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand may be able to pass the screening without needing a TB skin test if never any known exposure to TB or international travel. Students who come from countries that the state of Hawaii deems high TB risk will need to have the skin test done in Kona. Those who come from countries who give the anti-TB vaccination (BCG) may test positive. Any student with a positive skin test, per state regulations, will also need to get a chest X-Ray done for proof of negative TB, cost – $65USD.


Lecture Phase School fees are due in full on, or before Arrival Day.

To speed up the registration day process, please pay online by credit card before you arrive. Use the unique payment link you received upon acceptance. If you have not received a link, please email with your name and school to receive it.

If you are unable to pay online, please visit our Payments Desk on Arrival Day. They will only accept U.S. cash or checks made out to UofN Kona.

Other Finance specific questions? Contact Financial Services –

Health Insurance

You will be required to show proof of health insurance during registration. It must be valid in the state of Hawaii.


For non U.S. residents, it is important that you present a YWAM Kona “Invitation Letter” to U.S. Immigration officials explaining the nature of your trip as a trainee missionary. This is not your Acceptance Email!

If you haven’t received an Invitation Letter, Please complete this form.

If you have difficulty at the Port of Entry into the U.S., Immigration officials may contact us at (808) 326-4545.

Outreach Vaccination/Immunization Preparation

Most outreach locations will require all basic childhood vaccinations to be completed, as well as Hep A, Typhoid, and updated Tetanus within the past 5 years. Get these before you come if at all possible, especially if they will be covered under yours/your parents’ insurance. These adult travel vaccinations can be obtained in Kona, but will be expensive. Malaria medication, if required for your outreach location, will be prescribed in Kona, and purchased by you. Any children’s pediatric travel vaccinations (not basic childhood vaccinations) are available to purchase in Kona, and will be given at the Campus Clinic.

If you are not up to date on your childhood vaccinations, or feel strongly against receiving travel immunizations, that of course is absolutely your choice and decision. But you will be directed by your school staff to a safer outreach location where you will not be exposed to some of these potentially lethal illnesses. If you have had no childhood vaccinations, it is not possible to complete all of them safely during the 3 months of the lecture phase.