Student Course Fees

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  • $3,995
  • $3,700 (July Quarter DTS Programs)

Upper Level School

  • $4,395/quarter (A resource fee may apply)


Application Fee

  • $50/adult & $10/child
  • Non Refundable

Room Deposit

  • $70/student
  • Refundable upon passing room inspection

Key Deposit

  • $30/student
  • Refundable upon return of key


  • Room & Key Deposit may be combined on the student’s invoice


  • All Discipleship Training Schools offer a required outreach phase.
  • Outreaches are also offered for some upper level schools.
  • Cost of outreach varies by outreach location.
  • Outreach deposit of $2,500 per student is due by Thursday of Week 4 of the quarter.
  • Balance of Outreach Fees are due by Thursday of Week 8 of the quarter.
  • Students may not go on outreach unless outreach fees are paid in full.


  • $1,000/student deposit is due 30 days before arrival day.
  • Lecture Phase (DTS) or Course Fees (Upper Level) fees are due in full 10 days before arrival. (Effective Q1, 2020). Due before arrival for Q4 2019.
  • For available payment methods, click here.
  • For questions on making payments, please email


Lecture Phase Refund Schedule:

  • Before arrival day: 100%
  • Leave on or before the 2nd Sunday of the quarter: 85%
  • Leave on or before the 3rd Sunday of the quarter: 70%
  • Leave on or before the 4th Sunday of the quarter: 60%
  • Leave on or before the 5th Sunday of the quarter: 50%
  • Beyond the 5th Sunday of the quarter: 0%

Outreach Phase Refund Guidelines:

  • Before the outreach, we will refund the full amount paid less any airline cancellation fee and expenses already incurred by the University towards the outreach.
  • If a student leaves during the outreach, we will pro-rate a refund of room and board expenses by week, plus or minus any adjustments from the airline.